Meet Deanna, your Holistic Practitioner.

Serving Lovelies Just Like You For A Decade!

I’m Deanna Butcher and reside in Alberta, Canada.  I am here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. I truly care about my patients’ well-being and guarantee top-of-the-line counseling and holistic healing services catered to their needs.

Every modality I share with my patients, I have used myself to heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and overall physical health. When introduced to these tools on my own journey, I knew I wanted to spend the last 8 -10 years obtaining training so I can provide you too with tools to help you heal. I love learning new techniques and desire to further my education to continue serving my patients with the best methods that I know work!

It has always been important to me to utilize holistic approaches to my own healing, and that of my patients, as I have used both Western Medicine and Holistic care to aid in my health. I have found that the holistic methods I use have been less clinical, more personable, more connected, and provide clearer, more successful results than solely traditional medicine. I am not a physician, however, I am an Intuitive Healer. This means that  I am able to tune into your energy/meridians in the body intuitively and feel areas of the body that may be causing you problems. I am able to feel ailments such as scar tissue, blood disorders, trauma, injury, cancer, chronic migraines, allergies, dietary issues, and more!

By doing so, I then find the source or root of the ailment with the Energy Healing portion, and that will share with me why the energy is calcified in that area of your body causing pain/issues. Trauma, suppressed emotions, PTSD, anger, resentment, depression, for instance, stay in the body until it has been healed. That will cause the natural energy flow in your body to become imbalanced or calcified. 

It is my goal to pinpoint those areas for you so we can work together to heal the things that prevent you from living your best life.


Let's get you aligned with the highest and best version of yourself!


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